Country group private limited is a group of companies and our aim is to provide the highest level of the services to all our clients and to deliver them individual customer service through knowledge and a professional positive approach.

For all the companies we use they have a highly qualified and professional people both in-house and out source as well.

Country group is growing rapidly in all sectors.


At Country Group we provide solutions for all your different needs. From financial solutions and properties to media and injury claims we take pride in the quality of service we provide to our customers

You may not even be capable of driving a replacement vehicle if your own car is deemed unroadworthy. You are then entitled to claim loss of use from the insurers of the motorist at fault country claims can help you claim for losses from the person at fault or

A trust worthy place for all your property needs . we use professional people to meet your requirements. Our great service is our pride. If you have property to sell or you want to let your property. If you are looking to buy a property service is our pride.

We are a well established production house based in east London and had been working on some wonderful projects. If you are looking to buy a property serve you have any kind of talent in the performing art (actor /model/extra)

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