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Self-cert Mortgages

In the circumstances that you are not in the position to prove your income because of the more than in incomes coming from the different places, we are offering you the self certified mortgages so you can certifies your self to prove your income. So no income proof required for this

Buy To Let

This is a particularly popular kind of mortgage and is growing popularity ever more. Many lenders now offer tailor-made packages for just this market. You can now get a buy to let mortgage at interest rates according to your circumstances.

Country Group is a registered mortgage introducer of Fais Mortgages who are registered & authorized by financial services authority (433437). Country financial is a member of country group ltd which is registered in England and Wales , Registration no 6062961

These include fixed , discount and tracker mortgage deals - and are often highly flexible. These include : Standard variable rate (SVR), Fixed Rate, Capped rate, Discount rate, Tracker, Cash back.

These names may sound strange but come and ask us for a no-obligation initial advice and we will help your with your enquiries. Our Process is simple and systematic to ensure that you get the best value deal and the best advice.

The big difference compared to a standard home loan is that most lenders won't just take your salary into account when assessing eligibility. Potential rental income from the property is often also included in their assessment.


In today's competitive market, many borrowers choose to switch their mortgage every few years in order to take advantage of the new rates on offer.

Those that remain on the same deal for the full term of their loan could lose out on a range of potential benefits, not least the opportunity to reduce the total amount paid back, which could be a significant margin in some cases.

In simple terms, re-mortgaging involves switching your current mortgage to a new deal, arranged either with your existing lender or with a new lender. This could be due to many reasons such as : To save money, To avoid moving home, To consolidate your debts .

Deposit Cover

We also have a wide range of properties with the deposit cover which mean the seller has already added the 5 to 15% of the deposit amount in the price which will help you getting your mortgage.

contact country group UK on 0800 069 9109 for a quality service and let us server you the way you deserve.