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Accident and Injury Claims


Loss of use In an accident

you may not even be capable of driving a replacement vehicle if your own car is deemed unroadworthy. You are then entitled to claim loss of use from the insurers of the motorist at fault country claims can help you claim for losses from the person at fault or their insurers.

Personal injury

If you’ve and personal injury in road traffic accident , at work or slip or trip on the road, you may have a case to claim compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering caused as a result. If you have incurred bruises, cuts, dizziness or more serious health problems in this way.

Storage and recovery money return

If you’ve been in an accident that is not your fault and your car is damaged, it’s possible that it will be towed away or recovered from the roadside. We can help you claim back the cost of recovering your car or the use of a replacement vehicle, so that you’re not out of pocket.

Special hire care for mini Cab drivers

We understand that if you’re off the road, your income suffers. We can provide a replacement car with a plated license normally within three hours of your call. Let us help you stay behind the wheel.

Loss of earnings

An accident could result in injuries that stop you from working. Damage to your vehicle may also prevent you from earning a regular wage or, worse and may be cost you your job.

Protection of no-claims discount

If you’re worried about losing your no-claims discount when seeking compensation for an accident, we can help you. Whether you hold fully comprehensive or third party car insurance, are confused by the claims process, or need to seek advice regarding replacement vehicle cover.

Recovery of excess money

If you hold fully comprehensive car insurance, and have had to pay out excess charges after an accident, we can help you recover these funds.

When you’re not insured, but it’s not your fault

If you’re involved in an accident that is not your fault, but you do not hold valid car insurance we might be able to help you.


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